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Sidonie's Christmas mouse

Pfff! Me, I've never seen Santa! said Sidonie the mouse, arms folded and sulky face, while you, yes! It's not fair! - You have to be patient! replied Simonin the rabbit to his friend.

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  • Listen, Sidonie! Simonin said. Tonight, you'll try to watch a little late, and if Santa visits us at the beginning of his tour, you'll have a good chance of seeing him! said Sidonie, wriggling mustaches. "Trust me! Simonin asked before disappearing.
  • On the ground, while the fabulous idea that he had had continued to sprout between his ears, he went in search of some accomplices to realize it. In the farmyard he picked up the four Poulette sisters and took Apollo out of the bottom of his niche.
  • When he had gathered them all, he explained to them the grief of Sidonie. he continued, I thought we could show him Santa, it would make him so happy! He will go by sleigh in front of her house! Tonight !
  • Arlette, the eldest of the Poulettes, put out her neck. How do you know he's going to go to her house, Simonin?
  • The rabbit rolled his eyes. Because the sledge, the reindeer and Santa Claus will be you! He replied.

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