Honey, royal for your beauty

Honey, royal for your beauty

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Known and recognized since the dawn of time for its many benefits for the face and the body, the honey makes a big return to the cosmetic department. His virtues? It nourishes, moisturizes, soothes, purifies ... Discover this elixir of beauty.

What is honey?

  • Foraging bees collect the nectar of the flowers to transform it into honey thanks to an enzyme they secrete. Then, they store it in the cells of the hive and let it ripen. It matures when its water content becomes less than 18%.
  • Honey is rich in sugar, glucose, fructose and vitamins. It is a skin repairer, known for a long time in Slavic countries and recently rediscovered by some hospital doctors. Rich and lively, it has extraordinary cosmetic properties.

Honey, a precious asset

  • Enveloping, honey has many virtues. Nourishing, healing, soothing, it has no equal to cajole and repair the skin manhandled by thermal variations. Its regenerating and anti-wrinkle properties have been studied and proven.
  • It seduces by its natural side and its simplicity of use. It is in perfect agreement with the ecological values ​​and codes that are now on the rise. Most honey-based cosmetics can be used from head to toe on all skin types. They are well tolerated by the most fragile epidermis.

A moisturizer lips and face

  • Honey has a strong moisturizing power. Its high sugar content facilitates the fixation of water molecules that protect the skin from dehydration and retain flexibility and softness.
  • Honey will nourish and protect your lips, especially during the winter. Do not hesitate to use it in case of chapped or cracked lips, because it has healing virtues.
  • It is particularly recommended for tired or dry skin in the form of cream, lotion or milk. Your skin will be hydrated and nourished deeply. It is also used as a mask for all types of skin.

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