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The code of the road, exciting for your child!

The code of the road, exciting for your child!

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But yes, it's exciting all these panels with red, crosses ... Explain what they mean. One, it's very fun to discover them. Two, your toddler will understand better than, on the road, we must remain very vigilant.

Which panels to show him?

The easiest, those that your child often meets and whose meaning is immediate for him. Have fun recognizing them together:

  • First, the red lights, green, and the little guy. From 2 years, play guess the moment when the little guy will go green: "You see, it's when the cars stop all, it's green, it's ours now!"
  • The sign "school exit": it is a triangle, pointed upwards, with a mother on a white background holding her child by the hand. Tell your little schoolboy that when you see a triangle, you have to be careful. Show him that he is next to the school because there are so many children and cars (but also children) must be very vigilant.
  • The panel "blackcurrant or back-d'âne": this one amuses the little ones because it shows two bumps and hop, it makes a small jolt in car like bicycle. But be careful, in any case, you have to slow down.
  • The panel "crossing of wild animals": on the edge of the woods, "Bambi's dad jumping". It means we can cross deer, deer, pheasants, hares ... Is not this his favorite?

A book idea, from 3 years old

  • A small car all rounded joyfully on the roads. But when she meets a pedestrian crossing, a red light, a continuous line ... she becomes very cautious. A very good way to introduce your child to road safety and the rules of the road.
  • My first code of the road, ed. Threshold youth, by Dedieu, 12.50 €.

Agnes Barboux