Name Haziz - Meaning of thumbs

Name Haziz - Meaning of thumbs

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Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs, Short

Meaning of the name:

In Arabic Koranic, Haziz designates Allah and translates as "the all-powerful".


No Haziz known until today, perhaps your little treasure will be?

His character :

Haziz is pleasant company, his natural presence all his charm. It is also a sensitive person and family harmony is essential for its development. To please his parents and loved ones, Haziz is able to lift mountains. He also appreciates the marks of love and will respond with joy and sincerity. To satisfy an insatiable curiosity, Haziz will ask disconcerting questions to his entourage. His keen sense of competition pushes Haziz to high ambitions. He often sets the bar very high and aims for first place on the podium. This is how he will be particularly active and voluntary.


Abdellaziz, Abdel Aziz, Abd al-Aziz, Abdelazize, Abdelaziz, Abdel-Aziz, Abdellaziz, Abdelaziz, Abd al-Haziz, Abdel-Aziz, Abdelhazziz and Abdel-Haziz.

His party :

No party is attributed to Haziz so far.

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