Name Fleurine - Meaning of origin

Name Fleurine - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Fleurine is derived from the Latin word "floris" which means "flower".


No famous Fleurine.
Sainte Fleur lived in the fourteenth century in Auvergne. She was best known for taking care of the sick, counting among the pioneers of nuns of the hospital order.

His character :

Fleurine is an open, emotional and ambitious woman. Holding preciously to her freedom, she refuses all order, thus revealing her rebellious character. Adventurous, she enjoys traveling and exchange. She is only interested in trades that allow her to travel the world. Constantly seeking escape, Fleurine seems to be fleeing reality and prefers a dream life. Nevertheless, she knows how to concentrate when she is in charge of an important project, whether professional or personal. Determined, she does not let anything discourage her, and failures only stimulate her further. Fleurine possesses a morale of steel, allowing him to overcome all obstacles.
In friendship, Fleurine is distinguished by her loyalty and dedication. Although she does not really focus on a particular place, she makes friends quickly through her sense of humor and sociability. She easily integrates into a group. Fleurine is an original woman who has no equal. Frank, she is whole with those around her.



His party :

The Fleurines are honored on October 5th.

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