Name Eray - Meaning and origin

Name Eray - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The meaning of the name Eray according to its Turkish origins is unknown. However, according to the analysis of the Latin words, Eray is one of the variations of Henry, which means "the house of the king".


Among the famous Eray are Eray Atali, Turkish hockey player, Eray Ataseven, Eray Birniçan and Eray Iscan, Turkish footballers.

His character :

Ambition guides Eray's life. The courage that drives it comes mainly from this desire to shine, to have the best role in life. Bold, Eray often comes to his ends because of his keen intelligence.


Enrique, Enrico, Heinrich and Henri.

His party :

The Eray are celebrated on July 13 with the Henri.

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