Cyndy Name - Meaning and Origin

Cyndy Name - Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Germanic, Latins, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Two different origins are attributed to Cyndy (variant of Cindy). On the one hand, it is given a Latin origin and on the other hand a Germanic origin.
The myth of Princess Cinderella undoubtedly contributed to the popularity of her diminutive name Cindy.

In the Germanic language, Cyndy comes from sind meaning "path". In Latin, the first name translates as "divine".


Cindy Crawford, American model, Cindy Lauper, American singer,

Cindy Williams, American actress and producer and Cindy Sheehan, American pacifist activist.

His character :

Cyndy is halfway between introversion and extroversion. She likes to captivate the attention of an admiring entourage while sometimes having to pour herself on an attentive shoulder. Introversion and extraversion are both necessary for a positive evolution of one's personality. If she is born in January or March, Cyndy will tend towards introversion and a reflexive nature. If she was born in April or July, she will be extroverted and characterized by ambition and great communication skills. Cyndy has an original personality, which is why her creativity should be encouraged. Studious, Cyndy will be an excellent student, because she hates to occupy the second rank.


Cyndy has many derived names, including Sinda, Sindy, Synda, Sinda, Sindy, Synda, Cinda, Syndi, Cindi and Syndy.

His party :

The Cyndy are in the spotlight each December 25th. It is also a day dedicated to the memory of Adalsinde, daughter of Saint Rictrude. Abbess at the Marchiennes Abbey in northern France, she lived there around the eighth century.

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