Name Cristel - Meaning and origin

Name Cristel - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Cristel derives from the Latin "christianus" which means "disciple of Christ".


Cristel Carrisi, Italian singer-songwriter, Christel Khalil, American actress known for her character of Lily Winters in "The Fires of Love".

His character :

Cristel is a sociable and vital woman. Her dynamism is at the same time very beneficial for herself and for those around her. On a daily basis, she is discreet and sentimental, but uses her mind to analyze the world. His personality, however, remains difficult to grasp since his behavior often reflect many paradoxes. Sometimes, it seems that she wants to stand out from the crowd to win. His discreet and reserved nature prevents him from distinguishing himself well. His intelligence is still very useful, because it allows him to use cleverly his side shy and introverted. It also allows him to perform professionally, especially combined with his great will. On the affective plane, one appreciates less the emotivity calculated in the broad sense of this woman. This facet of his personality, however, has certain advantages since avoiding certain clashes with his entourage.


Cristel, Crystel, Cristella, Crystella, Cristella and Cristina.

His party :

The Cristel are celebrated on July 24th.

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