Berthold Meaning - Origin and Parent

Berthold Meaning - Origin and Parent

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Meaning of the name:

Berthold is a masculine given name of Germanic origin. It is composed of the terms "berht" and "ald" which mean "brilliant", "illustrious" and "old".


Berthold Viertel, writer, director and Austrian screenwriter (1885-1953), Berthold Albrecht, German businessman and one of the richest men in Germany, the German chemist Berthold Schwarz ...

Berthold's patron saint is Berthold of Mount Carmel (1155-1195). After the Crusades, he went to live as a hermit on Mount Carmel. He is the founder of the Mount Carmel Eremitic community, which became the Carmelite Order.

His character :

Berthold is a friendly person, warm, communicative and sociable. Concerned about the effect he has on others, he is sometimes authoritarian and angry to hide his lack of confidence or timidity. But he has a heart of gold.


Bertolt, Berthaux

His party :

Berthold is celebrated on March 29th.

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