Name Azur - Meaning and origin

Name Azur - Meaning and origin

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The name Azur comes from two languages, Arabic "lazaward" and Latin "azurium". Both words mean "sky blue".


One of the famous Azur is the character of the animated film by Michel Ocelot Azur and Asmar. Azur is a young man who lived during the Middle Ages. After being raised by a nanny who gave him the taste of adventure, he went to Morocco to deliver the mythical fairy Djinn. During his journey, he saw many mishaps before meeting his brother Asmar with whom he competes in the quest for the fairy.

His character :

Those who bear the name Azur are idealistic, sensitive, emotional but also courageous and determined. They have an original spirit and aspire to great things, why not humanitarian causes. In the event of conflict or turmoil, they will tend to close in on themselves and retreat into an imaginary world that suits them better. They can also be very loyal.


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