Name Armèle - Meaning and origin

Name Armèle - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Celts, French

Meaning of the name:

Armèle is made up of Celtic roots arz and mael, resulting respectively in "bear" and "prince".


French writer and chronicler Armèle Malavallon.

Among the celebrities named Armelle, Armèle's variant, are French actress Armelle Deutsch, French volleyball player Armelle Faesch, French handball player Armelle Attingré, Belgian TV presenter Armelle Gysen, French harpist Armelle Gouralaouën ...

Armel des Boschaux was the founder of the abbey of Plouarzel. He is the patron saint of hospital chaplains. Armel des Boschaux went to Aber-Ildut in 518. He joined the court of Childebert I and served there for seven years. He later moved to Beaumont-la-Ronce. On his return to Brittany, King Childebert I dedicated two parishes to him: Ploërmel and Plourazel. A few years later he decided to retire to the Boschails at Saint-Armel and found a monastery there.

His character :

Armèle is very communicative. She is friendly with everyone and her gaiety is contagious. Intelligent, Armèle has a sense of exemplary organization. She knows how to manage her schedule and optimize her free time. Armèle is ambitious and determined. Abandonment is not part of his vocabulary. This leader of the first order knows how to motivate her troupe.


Armael, Armaelle, Armelle, Armel, Armelin, Armeline, Arzel, Arzelle, Arzhel, Arzhela, Harmel, Harmelle, Armilla, Armella, Hermeline ...

His party :

The people named Armèle are honored on August 16th.

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