Language: he gains his autonomy

Language: he gains his autonomy

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Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the new issue of the collection "Les Essentiels d ': 38 keys to boost his language", sold with the December issue of. Today, zoom on his progress at 2 and 3 years.

  • For 2 years, he begins to grasp that you are you, and he is him ... hold it for you! The first markers of possession appear: "to me", "my". "Atu, to me" ... and yes, it's his car.
  • The "no" also occupies a large place to test the limits of your permission: "me, not sleep." ... Short sentences, where the verb is rather in the infinitive, allow him to tell what he has lived. After an afternoon with her grandmother: "Grandma Carry Baby" translates as "I went for a walk with Grandma."
  • If he uses on average between 50 and 70 words, he understands 300!

I know that I am

  • Around 3 years old, as he has understood that he is a person independent of adults, your free thinker begins to use the "I" to speak of himself. His sentences become more elaborate. He easily uses the present indicative and the auxiliary "to be" and "to have" in the past composed, to say the recent past: "the cat has eaten."
  • He tells himself, asks a lot of questions and adore that you tell him the same story, tirelessly ... He uses markers places: "in", "behind" ... His language performance is progressing considerably. At this time, your child strives to pronounce consonants such as "f", "ch", "s", which are more difficult to articulate. So it simplifies! "Pestacle" is less hard than "show"!

Frédérique Odasso

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