2019 list of first names for girls

2019 list of first names for girls

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What will be the first names in the top 20 side girls and boys in 2019? The Official of the first names revealed the charts. For girls, Emma takes the lead in the standings ahead of Louise! Retro names and short names are always popular, especially those ending in "a".

Ranking established according to the official of the first names 2019 by Stéphanie Rapoport and Claire Tabarly Perrin, Ed. First Editions

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2019 list of first names of girls (20 photos)

Top Names of Girls 2019: Emma

1. Emma

Emma returns to her place of winning after having occupied the top of the top 20 for more than 10 years before being dethroned. Coming from the Germanic Heim, "house", or ermin, "great, powerful", it is a name that is celebrated on April 19, in honor of his patron saint Emma, ​​a rich German of the eleventh century who donated his goods to the poor.

Top Names For Girls 2019: Louise

2. Louise

At the top of the standings in 2017 and 2018, Louise was ahead and went 2nd. Coming from the Germanic hlod, "illustrious", and wig, "fighter", this beautiful name is celebrated on March 15 in tribute to Louise de Marillac, a disciple of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul.

Top names of girls 2019: Jade

3. Jade

Jade confirms his 3rd position. Coming from the Spanish piedra of the ijada, which means "flank stone", it is the name given by Spaniards in the 15th century, to a very fine and very hard green stone from the East with medicinal virtues. His party: March 10 with Esmeralda or June 29 with Pierre.

Top Names of Girls 2019: Alice

4. Alice

8th in 2016 and 5th in 2017 and 2018, Alice is still progressing. This ancient derivative of Adelaide comes from the Germanic adal, meaning "noble lineage". A name that is celebrated on December 16 in tribute to St. Adelaide, wife of Otto the Great, founder of the Holy Roman Empire, which after the death of the latter in 973 reigned with wisdom and great piety.

Top Names For Girls 2019: Mila

5. Mila

20th in 2017 and 8th last year, Mila confirms its progress. This dimintutive of Ludmilla comes from the Slavic ljudu, the people, and milo, loved ... so here is a name "loved by the people". It is celebrated on September 16th with Saint Ludmilla.

Top Names of Girls 2019: Chloe

6. Chloe

4th in 2018, Chloe lost two places. This beautiful name means "the young plant" in Greek. It was the nickname of the Greek goddess of Earth Demeter. She is also celebrating with Fleur on October 5th.

Top Names of Girls 2019: Inès

7. Ines

Inès confirms her progress! 10th last year, she won three places. Hispanic form of Agnès, of the Greek agnê, "pure", Inès (sometimes written Inas) is also an Arab female name which means "amiable", "sociable". His birthday: the 10th of September.

Top Names For Girls 2019: Lina

8. Lina

7th in 2018, Lina moves back one place. Diminutive of Adelina, Latin form of Adeline, diminutive of Adele, this short name with the Italian accents pleases. His birthday: January 27th.

Top Names of Girls 2019: Léa

9. Leah

Leah loses its beautiful! 6th last year, she lost three places. Hebrew lea, "tired", or Latin leo, "lioness" ... this name seems tired too because already in 2005, he was delighted by Emma first place in the top 20 in 2005 after a long reign ten years. His birthday: March 22, in tribute to a Roman widow of the fourth century who distributed his goods to the poor.

Top Names For Girls 2019: Lena

10. Lena

Small recovery for Lena, 13th last year. Derived from Hélène, from the Greek élê, "luminous", this rather new name in France had benefited from the thrust of Léa. It is celebrated on August 18 as a tribute to St. Helena, a Roman empress who discovered the Holy Cross on the occasion of a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Top Names of Girls 2019: Mia

11. Mia

Little news in the top, Mia goes directly to 11th place! This name derived from Mary, comes from Hebrew and means "the one who raises". Mia celebrates with Mary on August 15th.

Top 2019 girls first names: Rose

12. Rose

Rose keeps her 12th place last year. This name comes from the Latin rosa, designating the flower symbol of love. This name is celebrated on August 23 in honor of St. Rose who lived in Lima in Peru in the seventeenth century and is the patron saint of Latin America.

Top Names of Girls 2019: Anna

13. Anna

After its good progress and its entry into the top in 2016, Anna lost two places compared to 2018. Derived from Anne, this name comes from the Hebrew hannah which means "grace". He who appeared from the eighteenth century in the West is celebrated on July 26.

Top Names of Girls 2019: Manon

14. Manon

In 9th position last year, Manon loses more ground. Derived from Marianne or Marie-Anne, this diminutive is an old name that is celebrated: July 9 with Marianne, or August 15 with Marie.

Top Names of Girls 2019: Zoé

15. Zoé

Zoe grabs a place. From the Greek word zoe, meaning "life, existence", this name was first used in the church of Orient before appearing in Western Europe in the nineteenth century, then had a great success in the years 1970-1980. It is celebrated on May 2 for Zoe Attalia, martyr of the second century in Pamphylia (Asia Minor) during the persecutions against Christians.

Top Names of Girls 2019: Camille

16. Camille

15th last year, Camille loses a place and confirms his fall. Coming from the Latin camillus or camilla, "young man or girl of good family" designating the young Romans who attended the high priest during the sacrifices, this mixed first name is today mostly given to girls. It is celebrated on July 14 for Camille de Lellis, an Italian soldier of the sixteenth century who founded, in Rome, the Order of Servants of the Sick, at the origin of the Red Cross.

Top Names For Girls 2019: Amber

17. Amber

Nice entry (rather return) in the charts, direct in 17th position for Ambre! From the Arabic word "ambra" which means ambergris, an odorous substance used in perfumery for its musk-like smell (unlike yellow amber which is a semi-precious stone), or ambron germain which refers to the name a Germanic people, the Ambrones. Amber is celebrated on December 7th.

Top Names For Girls 2019: Lola

18. Lola

4th in 2016, Lola has been in sharp decline since 2017. Diminutive of the Spanish name Dolores of the word dolor, which means "pains", Lola falls on September 15 in tribute to Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows, another name of the Virgin Mary.

Top Names For Girls 2019: Juliette

19. Juliet

Juliette remains stable and loses a place. From Latin oulos, "whole, in the natural state", this derivative of Julie became a full name in the Renaissance and since continues to climb. It is celebrated July 30 in tribute to a Carmelite who was martyred in 1794 with all its community.

Top Names of Girls 2019: Elena

20. Elena

Elena enters the top 20! This name is a Spanish form of Helen, from the Greek "helê" which means "heat" or "brightness of the Sun". Elena is celebrated on August 18th.

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