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Drowning: watch out for inflatable pools

Drowning: watch out for inflatable pools

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An inflatable pool in the garden, it's nice to cool off and wade ... provided you follow certain safety rules.

Essential monitoring

  • While sunny days should finally make their comeback and as the holidays approach, many parents will certainly install an inflatable or portable pool in the garden ... But beware of the risks of drowning.
  • Every year, there are many accidents among children under 12 in all types of portable pools including wading pools, soft-sided inflatable pools and above ground pools. The majority of accidents involve children aged 5, mostly boys and swimming pools placed in the yard or even the garden of the house.
  • Remember that the supervision of children is essential, including in non-buried pools: almost half of the accidents occurred in the presence of an adult and 18% during a short absence of supervision. Also equip your child with armbands and after swimming, remove any floating objects that might attract him.
  • Recall that a child can be drowned in less than 3 minutes in 20 cm of water, without a sound.

Emergency numbers

fire department : 18

Samu : 15

European single emergency number : 112