Our selection of toys 2010

Our selection of toys 2010

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The children's party is getting ready ... and Santa Claus sees his list of toys growing every day. This year again, Christmas will be synonymous with family traditions and memories of all the beautiful toys found in our magic hood. We thought of all the kids and all the purses. Have fun and shine the eyes of young and old!

0-1 years: toys to awaken

What toys to give him for his first Christmas? Play mats, stacking cubes, recessed shapes, puzzle book and other MP3 stuffed toys ... our selection of toys to delight the senses and awaken them.

Our selection of toys.

1-2 years old: smart toys

Your toddler is at the time of great discoveries and experiments of all kinds. What interests him at this age? Shoot, nest, roll ... Here is a selection of toys that have more than one trick in their bag.

What toys for him?

2-3 years old: amazing toys

At this age, he likes to imitate, cuddle and also pedal and have fun! Tricycle, farm to ride, baby, plush dinosaur or remote control bumper ... our selection of toys to slide under the Christmas tree.

The toys that will please him.

3-6 years: big toys

Build a train or a castle, drive a miniature car, cuddle talking dolls or the famous Zhu Zhu Pets ... it'll be swinging under the fireplace with our selection of Christmas toys this year!

What toys for him at Christmas?


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