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No, but who is this?

No, but who is this?

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Mirror of his table of enlightenment, mirror of the bathroom, at this moment your toddler is fascinated by this reflection ... of himself. And at the same time jealous of this other. A new stage of its development!

  • At this moment, your baby is particularly intrigued by the small mirror of his wake-up table ... Similarly, when you give him his bath, he lingers on his image in the large mirror above the sink. At first, he takes an enthusiastic interest in this unknown baby, he smiles, speaks to him and is delighted to see him respond ... especially by the gesture, he seems to do everything at the same time as him.

Jealous of his double

  • It's fun for a moment, but it quickly becomes annoying. Little by little, your child wonders: this baby who has the same pajamas and especially the same mom ... but he steals everything! Jealous of his double, that he will really identify only around 2 years, he will sulk his reflection ...
  • It is not so severe with the pictures. He loves browsing family albums with you. With his finger, he points you, you mom, tweeting happiness (because you are the most important person for him) ... his dad too, of course. When you show him a snapshot he's on, he's happy. If he starts talking, he will say "baby", but will not pay more attention to it than the photos of his little cousins.

His shadow ? A friend !

  • More curious, his attitude towards his shadow. At this age, she does not worry when she is neat. He can even talk to her, caress her and have fun trying to catch that dark, fleeting form. Very funny !

Karine Ancelet