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My baby has trouble sleeping during the day

My baby has trouble sleeping during the day

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My baby has trouble sleeping during the day? How to do ? A question that many young moms ask themselves. Answer with the book "I raise my child" Laurence Pernoud.

  • The sleep-wake rhythm is set up little by little in a baby. It's normal ! When he was in your belly, he was fed at will, fell asleep lulled by your comings and goings, and tended to fuss when you were relaxed. He needs time to acquire a new rhythm, to find himself in the silence of his room without hearing the beatings of your heart or your voice.

The first two months

  • During the first months of life, the sleep-wake rhythms are very short and reproduce several times during the 24 hours: it is a little as if the baby chained several days. This rapid alternation of waking and sleeping periods explains why a baby does not differentiate between waking hours at night and day: he wakes up every 3-4 hours (sometimes more often), regardless of time of day or night.
  • Some babies never get multiple sleep cycles, especially when they suffer from digestive disorders, such as reflux, constipation or colic. In this case, they do not sleep more than 30 consecutive minutes and give the impression of never sleeping. This may be the case with your child. Do not lose patience, his sleep will soon be regularized. In the meantime, do not hesitate to rock your baby, to carry it, in your arms, in a baby carrier or a sling. He will feel confident and reassured.

From 3 months

  • Sleep will gradually be organized differently. The baby begins to "make his nights": he can sleep 6 to 8 hours in a row and take several naps during the day. Know that it is not abnormal that a child cries a little before falling asleep: if he is fed, changed, well installed, it is that he needs to discharge tensions accumulated during the day. Intervening too quickly at this time (by taking him out of bed for example) may prevent him from falling asleep really.

What to do if your baby can not fall asleep alone?

  • Some babies fall asleep easily, whether naps or evening. This is not always the case, especially if the child has a habit of falling asleep in the arms. So that your baby can fall asleep alone, we advise you to do this: you wait for the usual signs of sleep (he is grumpy, rubs his eyes ...), then you lay him still awake in his bed so he fall asleep by himself; he may cry the first time. Wait a minute ; if it lasts, you reassure him gently, by your presence and your voice but without taking him in the arms immediately. The days following his tears will last less and after a few days, he will fall asleep without a word ...
  • If your child wakes up in the middle of the night, you will do the same and try not to intervene as soon as he calls: you wait a little, possibly reassure him, without taking him in the arms, without turning on the light, or give him food immediately.
  • At first it may seem difficult to do so: it's so good to lull your baby to cradle him in his arms, satiated and relaxed. But it's a good way to "teach" your baby to sleep alone.

Our advice

  • From the first months, try to organize a certain routine in the schedules of the day and bedtime. When the child returns from the nursery or from the maternal assistant, he sometimes takes a nap, then there is the bath, the meal, the quiet games. Then it's time to go to bed, if possible every night at the same time and in the same way: in the calm and half-light, you talk to him gently, you sing a song to him, lullabies have always soothed babies ... and the parents. And you leave the room gradually.
  • The same actions every day, repeated in the same way, reassure children and help them to sleep.

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