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Available all year, zucchini is one of the best allies of future moms and all those who want to lose weight after birth. It is also one of the first vegetables that your baby can enjoy.

Choice and conservation

  • At its best, the zucchini is smooth, firm and dark green.
  • To keep it fresh, do not store it for more than 4-5 days, even in the refrigerator, and consume it quickly.


  • The younger she is, the easier the zucchini isbecause its fibers are still exceptionally soft. This is the one you choose for the first bottles of vegetables your child or you offer raw grated salad, as soon as he is old enough to chew.
  • As she becomes more fibrous as you age, reserve it with mashed potatoes and soups, in accompaniment (or replacement) of the potato.
  • Low in energy (15 kcal / 100 g), it is low in salt and well endowed with vitamin C, E and Bas well as minerals including magnesium, which stimulates growth.

An advice

  • To make even more velvety evening soupcook 100 g zucchini cut in from 30 cl water, six minutes in the microwave maximum power (or ten minutes to the pan). Mix with 1 square of Kiri cheese and serve.

Our recipes around zucchini

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