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Winter diseases: think of Orgamalin

Winter diseases: think of Orgamalin

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Cold, gastro, flu ... it is not always easy for you to find yourself in the different treatments to administer morning, noon and night especially if you have several sick little home. To remember nothing, opt for the Orgamalin!

  • As winter approaches, your child may already be confronted with the lot of diseases that accompanies this season. Gastro, colds, flu ... And that says diseases says treatments to follow for several days or it is not always easy to find between all the drugs and the precise times of taking to respect.
  • To help you in day-to-day life, the site Orgakiddy offers the Orgamalin, a practical and clever reminder that attaches to all surfaces (wall, wood, metal, glass) without leaving any traces.
  • The principle is simple : you write (in erasable marker if you wish) the name of the drug to administer (you can enter up to 3), the duration of treatment and the frequency of the catch. Then you just have to check the boxes over the days. No more forgetfulness or overdoses!
  • How ? 1,99 €.
  • Where to find it? By going to

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