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What will be the first names in the top 20 side girls and boys in 2020? L'Officiel des prénoms (first ed.) Reveals the winners. Emma and Gabriel remain at the top of the rankings and newcomers make their entry or return to the top. Discover it quickly!

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Top 20 girls 2020

Top 20 boys 2020

  • Do you wait for a baby and still hesitate a little on the name of your future baby? Perhaps you will find inspiration in the top names of girls and boys that will be trend in 2020, according to the ranking published by The Official of the first names (First Editions).
  • To establish this ranking, Stéphanie Rapoport and Claire Tabarly Perrin, the authors of the book, crossed the data of INSEE and statistics from major cities.
  • On the girls sideEmma keeps her first place ahead of Jade and Louise! In 2020, the predominance is the sounds in "a", short names and retro.
  • We note the arrival or return of Julia (disappeared from the top last year), Iris, Jeanne, Lou and Agathe, and the disappearance of Manon (14th last year), Zoe, Camille, Lola and Elena who had made it into 20th place last year.
  • On the boys side, Gabriel also remains ahead of Raphael and Leo and the trend is still short names (Leo, Jules, Hugo ...), the names retro (Louis, Gabin) and from the Old Testament.
  • Noah and Tom are back. Nolan, 19th last year and 15th in 2018, is out of the charts and Mohamed, 20th in 2108 and absent last year, is back in 19th position this time.
  • Another strong trend, girls and boys, the presence of first names "chameleons", having "a cultural or historical resonance in each of the three monotheistic religions and can also, thanks to its sonorities, have the advantage of pleasing the laity," as the author of the book Le Parisien explained. 

Ranking established according to the official of the first names 2020, Stéphanie Rapoport and Claire Tabarly Perrin, Ed First Editions. Where to find it?

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