The skewers

Convivial, the kebab is prepared in advance and then cooked in record time. Ideal for enjoying meals with friends or family without complicating life. Our things for the little ones to benefit too!

Ideas for not getting stung

  • Because toddlers can put their hand in it without being scolded, skewers are a good way to make them eat what they usually repel, such as vegetables.

For the youngest

  • You can replace the spades with raw carrot sticks 5 mm thick cut lengthwise on both sides of the heart. And put in cucumbers, carrots, slices of apples (lemon), hard cheeses.

For the older ones

  • Empty the woodpeckers and forget for a long time the use of metal skewers. Use them to change the usual dishes but also to make him discover the vegetables, cooked or raw, soaked in a cottage cheese sauce.

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