Mother's Day Kit: do-it-yourself, recipes, coloring pages

Mother's Day Kit: do-it-yourself, recipes, coloring pages

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Soon, we're going to celebrate moms! Suggest to your elves this free kit to download full of ideas to spoil mom on the day. Do-it-yourself, recipes, coloring pages and cards to print ... let them make you nice surprises!

To discover in this kit Mother's Day

  • of the crafts 100% tenderness: the messenger pot, the butterfly ring, the necklace not "noodle", the cuddly cat potty, the jewelry box rec' ... Ideas receipts greedy: fondant cake, raspberry cupcakes, waffles and heart cookies ...
  • of the coloring full of tenderness to tell her mom that she is the most beautiful and the best of moms ... and pretty cards to print.
  • Download it, it's free!

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