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Santa Claus, super star in bookstores

Santa Claus, super star in bookstores

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Picture books, stickers, stories ... yes but especially with Santa Claus. Your toddler is already talking about him! The opportunity to offer him beautiful books that speak so well of Christmas.

Picture books to put words on Christmas

From 18 months: My Little Christmas Imagier

  • A very small image for very small hands, easy to carry everywhere with its handle. Ideal to wait at the doctor or on the bus by discovering the crown of the Advent, the crib, the holly ...
  • By Madeline Brunelet, Father Castor, € 5.70.
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2 years: The Christmas Imagidoux

  • With this image, your toddler will know everything about the preparations with the elves and adorable children, like him impatient ... In bonus a Santa Claus sweet.
  • By Fani Marceau and Claire the Great, Gründ, € 4.95.
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Stickers to decorate ...

From 3 years old: Maxi Box Vive Noël!

  • Santa, elves, sledges ... everything is there to decorate his letter to Santa Claus, for example, or to create Christmas stories in a secret notebook ... In this "maxi box" 150 glitter stickers!
  • Ed. Two Gold Roosters, € 7.50.
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