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My gym before baby: session 2

The "Fit to deliver" method comes from Canada. This very gentle gymnastics is practiced pregnant and just after birth. Matthieu Le Corre, coach trained in this program, advises Elodie, pregnant for 4 months, for the second session. Indulge ! See the 1st meeting. Realization: Studio Kinokho Editing: Studio Kinokho Realization: Marie-Victoire Garcia To discover:
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Honey, royal for your beauty

Known and recognized since the dawn of time for its many benefits for the face and the body, the honey makes a big return to the cosmetic department. His virtues? It nourishes, moisturizes, soothes, purifies ... Discover this elixir of beauty. What is honey? Foraging bees collect the nectar of the flowers to transform it into honey thanks to an enzyme they secrete.
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Your child 3-5 years

Why is he afraid of the dark?

While he was falling asleep without problems, your child refuses to go to bed at night because he is afraid of the dark. How to react and help him overcome this normal stage of his development? Anne Bacus, clinical psychologist, talks about this universal anxiety. How is the fear of the dark?
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From 5 years old: Queen of skiing

From 5 years: Queen of the slide She thought she knew everything about the scooter, it will change the game. With its flexible handlebars facilitating turns and its three wheels offering better stability, her free figures! Safely of course. 3-wheel flexible skate The ice queen of La Grande Récré, 43,50 €.
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Gianny Name - Meaning and Origin

Origin of first name: Hebrews, Italians Meaning of first name: Gianny is inspired by the ancient Hebrew name Yehohanan meaning "God has given grace". Celebrities: No celebrity bears the first name Gianny, your son maybe? St. John the Baptist was a preacher and a prophet to whom Christians attribute the annunciation of the arrival of Jesus, whom he baptized himself in the Jordan.
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Chocolate madeleines

Yum madeleines with choco! These are ultra-easy to make and will delight your gourmands with their pinch of almond powder. To be enjoyed from 18 months. Ingredients: For 15 madeleines: 100g warm melted butter 75g dark chocolate 40g flour 100g icing sugar 40g almond powder 3 egg whites 1 tbsp.
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